Thursday, 2/14/13

Coach Rick Scarpulla will be coming back to GE on May 4-5th!

Sign up now to reserve your spot in the most badass seminar you'll ever attend!

Here's a recent post from his FB page:

"Call it "extreme" call it "too much" Call us "crazy" Tell yourself you don't need to work that hard or that you don't need to train at that level. Say we're over the top. We could care less what you say. In fact we like it . It's real simple. Very few are strong enough mentally or physically to be part of it. AH but those that are will never forget it -they know it's a special place. The inner strength you find will last a lifetime. You will learn theres nothing you can't do. Go do your little metrosexual workout, we need a good laugh!! We Are Ultimate Advantage!!!"


Speed DL: 8 x 2, 50% + bands

2 Snatches (squat) OTM for 10 mins

Reverse Hyper: 3 x 15

Sled Drag: 5 x 80m

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