About The Workouts

There are normally 2 types of WODs (workouts of the day) posted: Strength and/or MetCon (metabolic conditioning).

The Strength WODs are designed to increase your absolute strength (max weight lifted), not increase your body size/weight (bodybuilding).

The Strength Bias is an option for those who are looking to gain more strength with less of an emphasis on conditioning. The two max effort days of the week, you will not do the metcon. Instead, you will do additional accessory work which should be adjusted according to your specific weaknesses.

The Metcons are designed to increase your metabolic conditioning. Sometimes it will be doing one exercise for reps, sometimes two or three exercises for a certain number of rounds in the shortest time possible (RFT), other times it will be trying to do as many rounds as possible in a preset time period (AMRAP), and still others could be doing sprints, prowler pushes or sled drags. For the most part, the metcons should last less than 12 minutes. If it takes you longer than 12 minutes to complete the majority of the workouts, you're going too heavy!

Do no more than 2-4 strength WODs per week; 2 for general physical preparedness, and 4 if you want more of a strength bias. Doing more strength work than that will not give you sufficient recovery and will not make you stronger. Click here to learn more about how to do the strength WODs. Do no more than 3-5 metcons per week; 3 when starting out or if you aren't recovering enough from the strength workouts, and 5 as you become more experienced and can recover adequately. If you are doing more strength WODs, you should definitely consider doing less MetCons to allow yourself more time to recover. 

The one day off is for rest and recovery, so it's not advised to do any other hard physical activity. However, light technique work, an easy jog and some stretching is always a good idea.

If the weights listed are too heavy, decrease the load to a weight you can handle, or decrease the reps, rounds or sets (scale the WOD). Likewise, if training for strength, increase the loads and decrease the reps.

Any questions, email here or call me.

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