GE Fab

Here's some of the things we've built for the gym...

Push-Pull Prowler

Push-Pull Sled / Dog Sled

Top Load Farmer's Walk Handles

Farmer's Walk Handles

Squat Stand

Dip Bar Attachment for the rig

Fat Bar or Strongman Axle

Fat Center Fat Bar

Camber Bar

45 Degree Back Extension

Atlas Stones: 92lbs up to 206lbs

Reverse Hyper: Almost finished

Chest-Supported Row

Yoke/Squat rack with fatbar pull-up: Almost

Rig mounted monolift attachment

The monolift attachment taken apart

Multi Grip / Swiss Bar

Glute Ham Developer (GHD)

Flat Utility Bench

Inverse Curl Machine (Hip Quad attachment on now)
Can also be set up for assisted GHR's or GHD sit-ups

And plenty more on the way!

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