Tuesday, 5/8/12

The seminar with Rick this weekend will start at 9am! 
Show up at 8:30 to check in and get ready!

For 3-5 mins:
Box Squat Box Jumps
Flanny gettin' his stone roll on
Heavy Abs

Dynamic Warm-Up/Burg WU

DE Box Squats: 12 x 2, 50% + bands
*This is a new 3-week wave so you need to switch something up! Change the box height, bar, bands, chains, etc Also remember this should be a wide stance, low bar box squat.
Speed DL: 8 x 1, 60-70% + bands
GHR's: 3 x 8-10
A1. Band Leg Curls:  3 x 15-20
A2. Reverse Hypers: 3 x 15-20

For Time:
50 DU's
40 Wide Stance Wall Balls
50 DU's
30 Wide Stance Wall Balls
50 DU's
20 Wide Stance Wall Balls
50 DU's
*10 min time cap!

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