Tuesday, 3/20/12

Doin' work!
Sled Drags x 40m
Stone Shoulders (light)

Dynamic Warm-Up/Burg WU

Beginner Strength:
Squat: 2 x 5, 1 x 5+ (add 5#)
Abs: 2 heavy/hard sets, 2 light sets of 30-40

Int/Advanced Strength:
ME Deadlift: go for a 1RM with perfect form!
GHR's: 3 x 4-6
Strength Bias:
Between Legs Sled Drag: 3 x 60m
Box Step Ups: 2 x 6-8 (optional)
A1. Row: 4 x 300m sprints
A2. Abs: 2 heavy/hard sets, 2 light sets of 30-40
A3. Hammies: 4 x 8-10

"Death by Power Clean" 155/105#
Do 1 PC within the first minute
Do 2 PC's within the second minute
Do 3 PC's within the third...
Continue on until you are unable to complete the reps within the minute
*Scale to your ability! Shooting for 8+ rounds

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