Tuesday, 3/29/11

Teach a man to fish... and the pain will soon follow!
3 Rounds:
Sled Drag 40m
3 Wall Walks
10 OH Squats

Dynamic Warm-Up/Burg WU

DE Press: 10 x 2, 50% + bands (be sure to pause at bottom)
Close Grip Bench: heavy set of 5 reps
Bradford Press: 3 x 10

5 Rounds for Max Unbroken Reps of:
Handstand Push-ups
Strict Pull-ups

*Make them harder if you want: Ring HSPU's, deficit (on bumpers), wear a vest (pull-ups or hspu's), weight belt...
**Don't make them harder if you can't get at least 20 reps on the first set...
***Yes, you do hspu's, then pull-ups, then hspu's, etc.

Endurance: Rest or makeup

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