Monday, 2/21/11

Sled Drag: 5 x 50m
Dynamic Warm-Up/Burg WU
Build up to 5 medium squat clean singles

ME Good Morning: Go for a new 3 Rep Max. DO NOT GO TOO HEAVY AND HURT YOURSELF! No back rounding, make sure your form is solid! Video yourself or have somebody watch you.
Rack Pulls: 1 x 5 (deadlift with bar raised 3-6")
Front Squat: 1 x 20

For Time:
50 DU's
25 Pull-ups
40 DU's
20 Pull-ups
30 DU's
15 Pull-ups
20 DU's
10 Pull-ups
10 DU's
5 Pull-ups

Endurance: Tabata
20s on, 10s off, run: 8 rounds, or row: 12 rounds

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