Thursday, 3/14/13

Start the timer, 40 mins to complete EVERYTHING

Warm-Up (5 min cap):

A1. Agility Hurdles

A2. Box Jumps (6-8 x 2 at 80-90%)

Chiseled out of marble and sent as a gift
from the Gods above...
Strength (15 min cap):

Clean: 6-8 x 2, 75%
--Shoot for OTM, including warm-up sets

Conditioning (10 min cap):

4 RFT:

2 x 1 Tire Flip + 4-Way Jumps Thru Tire*

5 Power Sledge Strikes (each side)

Jog 100m

*4-Way Jumps: After the tire flip, jump forward into tire, side jump out the right, then back in, then out to the left and back in, finally jump forward out (total of 6 jumps), then repeat starting with the flip.

Extra (10 min cap):

3 Rounds (not for time):

100 Abs (1 round weighted)

50 Hams

50 Tri's

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