Thursday, 1/24/13

Druck messing around with the weight releasers


MU's, get some reps in


Speed Bench: 8-9 x 3, 50% + bands

Floor Press: Heavy 5, then 2 x 5

Pull-Downs, or Strict (weighted) Pull-ups: Heavy 8, then 3 x 8

DB RS Press: 4 x max reps

Shoulder Press: 4 x max reps

60s on, 60s off, as long as you can man up:

Max Burpees

Then, Max No-Push-up Burpees

*If you drop 3 reps under your first round, you're done. The goal is to get at least 20 burpees in the first minute. So if you drop down to 17 reps, you're done. You can tap out early if you're a pansy.

After finishing, repeat with no-push-up burpees. Same scenario. This time if you drop below 2 reps under the first minute, you're done.

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