Friday, 12/21/12

Lerry: End of the world curls for the girls...

60min time limit to complete everything!


ME Front Squat: 1RM
--Then drop to 90% for max reps

Romanian DL: 3RM with perfect form
--Then drop to 90% for another triple, then 80% for another

Reverse Hyper: 3-4 x 10
--Dead stop at bottom, no swinging

Tabata (8 rounds each):

Jumping Lunges

Plate Complex x 5

*Do all 8 rounds of jumping lunges, then move to plate complexes
**For the plate complexes:
    5 reps of: hang to overhead, OH press, OH tricep extensions, bent over rows, floor press, pull-overs. Pick up where you left off each round.


Inverse Curl: 2-3 x 20

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