Thursday, 6/7/12

Everything today is to be done in less than 45 mins... That means MOVE IT!

Hand Treadmill
Rotator Cuffs
Shoulder Touches

Speed Bench: 9 x 3, 40% + bands
*This is a new wave so change something up! (bar, bands, chains, etc)
RS Press: 3-5 x 6-10
Rows: 3-5 x 8-10
Tris: 3 x 50
Rear Delts: 3 x 20-30

Optional Conditioning:
Tricep Walks: 2-4 trips over 5 hurdles!
--Down with one leg in the band = 1 trip, back with other leg = 2 trips
--Use dumbbells if you can handle it
--Two legs in the loop if you have to, not want to.

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