Wednesday, 5/16/12

Restoration Burner:
AMRAP 10-15:
Just another day at the office for Druck (when Rick's in town)
Pick a couple upper and lower body weaknesses along with a couple more ab exercises, sprinkle in some agility (treadmill or hurdles) and work through at a fast pace--NO STOPPING! Remember, this is restoration, so you should be feeling a good "burn" in the muscles you're working, but you should not be going heavy, or anywhere near failure!

Band tri's x 15-20
Wide Stance Sled Drag x 60m
TTB's x 10-15 (strict)
Treadmill Agility x 20s
Reverse Peck Deck x 15-20
Band Hams x 15-20
V-ups x 15-20
Hurdles (agility) x 2

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