Friday, 5/17/12

Restoration work with the sled
ME Good Mornings: Go for a 3RM
--Change the bar or stance from the last time
Reverse Hypers: 3-4 sets, heavy
GHR's: 3-4 x 8-10
Sled Drags: 3-4 x 60m
Hams: 3 x 15-20

Optional Conditioning:
10 RFT:
40m Sled Sprint 30/45#
10 Reverse Lunges
*Rest 30s
**If you do the conditioning, cut down on the accessory work!

Remember, if your o-lifting needs work, you should be doing light technique work a few days a week. It could be a warm-up, restoration style, or a  cool-down/loosener. Keep it light!

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