Friday, 4/13/12

Mark post warm-up...
GHD Sit-ups

Dynamic Warm-Up/Burg WU

DE Box Squats: 8 x 2, 60% + bands
45 Degree Back Extensions: 3 x 12-15
Bands Down Wall Balls: 3 x 20 (unbroken, non-stop), rest 30s-1 min between
Box Jumps with weight vest: 3 x 20 (unbroken, non-stop), rest 30s-1min between, step down from box

5 RFT:
Run 400m
15 OH Squat 95/65#

Rest 5 mins, then:
3-4 sets of light hams and tri's

*Remember, speed days like today, should only take 35-45 mins from the start of the first dynamic squat set, to the end of the metcon. That means no talking, no texting, and move your ass! Then you can collapse on the floor and drool all over a bench...

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