Saturday, 2/11/12

Rony pullin' some weight
Dynamic Warm-Up/Burg WU

Beginner Strength:
Power Clean: 5 x 2

Int/Advanced Strength:
Clean & Jerk 1RM*
Snatch 1RM*
*Work up as needed, then take 3 legit attempts at a max. No mas.

For Time:
20m Zercher Carry AHAP
Run 760m
20m Zercher Carry back
Run 600m
20m Zercher Carry
Run 360m
20m Zercher Carry back
Run 200m
*Start the Zercher Carry going 20m out along the run route, drop it, run, then pick it up on the way back in.
**Runs may be substituted for a 20m shuttle (10m out/back, 20m out/back), with a 30s rest.

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