Saturday, 5/7/11

BG just can't keep his legs closed...
Row 500m

Dynamic Warm-Up/Burg WU

ME 2-Board Press or Floor Press
JM Press: 3 x 12

1 Stone Shoulder 142/85#
3 HSPU's
5 Ring Dips (muscle-up to top of rings)
*At the start of every odd minute do 1 rope climb 15'
**So you start the wod with 1 rope climb, then at the start of the 3rd, 5th, 7th... minute you do 1 rope climb and continue where you left off.

Butterfly pull-ups: if you don't have them yet, work on the technique. Start slow and don't try to go chin over the bar. If you have them, work on smoothly cycling them for multiples. It should not be jerky at all. If you can do that, work on the same thing, but chest to bars...

Run or Row: 200, 400, 800, 400, 200m, rest 1/2 completion time.

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