Friday, 4/29/11

We finally have 3 prowlers... Let the terror begin!
Dynamic Warm-up/Burg WU

4 Rounds:
Sled Drag 20m
5 Pull-ups
7 Ring Push-ups
12 Squat Snatches

DE Regular Stance Box Squats: 8 x 2, 60% + bands
--Optional-- Work up to a heavy double (with the same bands)
Speed DL: 10 x 1, 70%, no bands
GHR's: 2 x max reps

"Death by Prowler" (140/70)
Start the clock and complete 1- 10m prowler push.
At the start of the next minute, do 2- 10m prowler pushes (10m out, 10m back)
On the third minute, do 3 pushes...
Continue until you are unable, or too mentally weak to complete the allotted pushes within the minute.
Keep track of the number of minutes and pushes you survived...

Run: 1-2 miles nice and easy.

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