Tuesday, 3/1/11

3 Rounds:
Sled Drag 50m
5 CTB Pull-ups
The new "on duty" recruit, Hooper
15 Push-ups

Dynamic Warm-Up/Burg WU

DE Bench Press: 60% + Bands, 9 x 3 (3 grips)*
Yates Rows: 2 x 10 (see vid in Westside Strength above)
Incline DB Bench: 2 x 15
*Do the first 3 sets narrow grip, second 3 sets a couple inches wider, about regular, then the last 3 sets a couple inches wider (not super wide grip!)

For Time:
10 Muscle-ups
Then 10 Rounds:
5 Clapping Push-ups
10 Sit-ups
*Wear a 20# vest if you can handle it

Run or Row: 6 x 400m, rest as needed

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