Friday, 2/25/11

Our new Axles, AKA "fat bars"
They weigh about 20# each
6 x Sled Drag 50m

Dynamic Warm-Up

DE Box Squats: 8 x 2, 60% + bands
--Then add weight and work up to 2-3 heavy singles NO FAILS! It's not a max!
Power Clean: 8 x 1, 80% PC max

5 RFT of:
10 Axle* Deadlifts 220#
5 Box Jumps 34"
Run 200m
*If you don't have a badass axle, do regular DL's and wrap a towel around the bar. It should be 2" thick.

Endurance: Tabata
20s on, 10s off, run: 8 rounds, or row: 12 rounds

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