Tuesday, 11/23/10

3 Rounds:
How many firemen does it take to
figure out the weight on the bar...
50 DU's
5 Power Cleans and press/push presses
10 Push-ups

Dynamic Warm-Up

DE Bench with Bands (light), 60% minus 30#, 8 x 3, 45s rest
Dumbbell Press: 3 x 5

"Death By Clean & Jerk" (power clean)
Start the clock and do 1 power clean and jerk
At the start of the next minute, do 2 PC & Jerks
At the start of the next, do 3...
Continue on until you are unable to complete all the PC & J's within the minute

Run or Row: 200m, rest as needed, 10 rounds

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