Monday, 11/15/10

Row 250m
Power Snatch: Build up to a medium single
DE Squats are looking good Bobby!

Dynamic Warm-Up

ME Deadlift: Go for a new 1 rep max! If you recently maxed, go for a 3 or 5RM instead.
*Do NOT round your back. If you're unsure, have somebody watch and critique your form as you work up in weight.
Glute Ham Raises: 2 x 10+

10 Calorie Row
10 GHD Sit-Ups (with 20# med ball on chest)
10 Sledgehammer Strikes (each arm- man strikes only)

Endurance: Tabata
Run or Row: 20s on, 10s off, 8 rounds (go for max distance)

**Take some pics and video... I'll be in class until 5**

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