Saturday, 10/23/10

4 Rounds:
Sled Drag 45#, 200', 20s rest

20 Push Press
30 Push-Ups
60 DU's

Dynamic Warm-Up


Choose 1 Max Effort Lift (Go for a new 1 rep max):
ME Push Press  (dip and drive, do not re-dip under bar) OR:
ME Close Grip Bench
Additional Work: 3 x 10 of the exercise you did not max on (PP or CG Bench)

6 RFT of:
5 Handstand Push-Ups*
7 L-Pull-ups
*If you can handle it: Hands raised 3", head to ground

Run or Row: 800m sprints, 90s rest, 5 rounds. Keep pace the same for all 5 rounds.

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