Tuesday, 9/21/10

3 Rounds:
One of the few days Vic stayed to do the metcon
Run 200m
10 Squats
8 Lunges, trying to put your elbow to the ground inside your leg (rt leg forward, rt elbow down, switch)

Dynamic Warm-up


Squat: 75% x 5, 80% x 5, 85% x 5+

Starting with 45#:
Do 1 Thruster
Every 30s add 10# and do another thruster...
Continue as long as you are able
*Start with 45# for 1 rep, at 30s do 55# 1 rep, at 1 min do 65# 1 rep...

Run or Row: 30s on, 2 min off, 10 rounds

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Knock said...

Warmed up to 205# Power Clean and Jerk- felt good.

Did Diane... 3:37

Was going to do max overhead, but on first set at 205 I caught the PC a little off and tweaked my right wrist, so I called it a day.

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