Saturday, 9/18/10

Row 500m
Then work clean and jerk technique
The result of one too many bachelor parties...
*Do at least 5 sets of increasing weight, keeping the reps at no more than 2 or 3. Last set should be less than 90% of your 1RM with good form!

Dynamic Warm-up


Deadlift: 75% x 5, 80% x 5, 85% x 5+

21, 15, 9 Reps for Time of:
Deadlift 225#
Handstand Push-ups
*As soon as you finish: 2 min to get max weight ground to overhead any way you want, using the same bar you used for deadlifts. So yeah, unless you plan on C&J'ing 225#, you'll have to drop some weight!

Run or Row: 10s on, 5s off, 20 rounds all out!

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