Friday, 9/3/10

Hollywood's gym set-up at 56...
Apparently he plays dress up, naps and has
fitness model interviews... for time of course
3 Rounds:
5 Clapping Push-Ups
5 HSPU's
5 L Pull-Ups

Dynamic Warm-up


Press: 85% x 5, 90% x 3, 95% x 1+
Push Jerk Technique: 5 x 2 Light

Complete 20 shoulder to overhead 185# any way you want, and 40 burpees for time. Do it in any order, set/rep scheme you want, but you can't use a rack!
*From the Southwest Regionals, best time was 2:42. 10 min time cap, so scale weight as needed! 

Endurance: Tabata
Run or Row: 20s on, 10s off, 8 rounds

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