Saturday, 7/31/10

Today's WOD is dedicated to fallen hero Michael C. Roy


Run 400m
Power Clean: 25, 35, 45, 55% of DL 1 RM x 2 reps
2 L-Pull-ups between each set

Dynamic Warm-up


Deadlift: 80% x 3, 85% x 3, 90% x 3+
Good Mornings: 3 x 8 at medium weight

5 RFT of:
15 DL 225#
20 Box Jumps 24"
25 Pull-Ups
*Scale as needed. Full extension on the BJ's and chin over the bar on pull-ups. Write your times on the named wod wall when done!

Endurance: Tabata x 8
20s on, 10s off, 8 rounds

Pic:  Marine Corps Sgt. Michael C. Roy, 25, of North Fort Meyers, Fla., assigned to the 3rd Marine Special Operations Advisor Group, Marine Corps Special Forces Operations Command at Camp Lejeune, was killed in action on July 8th, 2009 in Nimroz Province, Afghanistan, while supporting combat operations. He is survived by his wife Amy and three children, Michael, Landon and Olivia.

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