Double-Unders 5 mins barefoot or wearing VFF's

Dynamic Warm-up


Back Squat 3x3 or 3x5
Over Head Squat Max Weight 15 reps

7 Rounds for Time:
7 Sandbag Get-ups 70#
7 Inverted Ring Rows
7 V-Ups*
Sandbag Sprint 100m 70#

*Laying on your back on the ground with arms straight over head, raise legs and arms simultaineously until you touch your feet. Return feet and arms/hands to ground and repeat.

Endurance: Time Trial
Run: 20 mins as far as you can run (10 out, 10 back)
Row: 14 mins for max distance

Pic1: Nice legs Derek

Pic2: Feet-to-bars, ideally you want your legs to be more straight, but it will depend on your flexibility... 

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